Celebrity Video Messages - SmashUps? Ecards

Why just send along your wishes, when you can have a celebrity deliver your personalized greeting in a song? We've got the all-singing, all-dancing, personalized video celebrity greetings! Simply choose your favorite celebrity, select unique personalizations for your recipient, then preview and send your original masterpiece. Create your own personalized song with Smashups!

SmashUps Ecards

With Smashup video ecard greetings, you can send a funny birthday song that sings lyrics written specifically for the birthday boy or girl. Send Dad a video for Father's Day that sings about his funny characteristics, or send your husband or wife an animated video that talks about their best qualities — written just for them! All you have to do is select from a wide variety of choices what you want your custom song lyrics to say — from the name of your recipient to their favorite hobbies and foods. Select the preview to see your Smashup greetings in action before emailing or posting your finished ecards. It's that easy — so start personalizing your Smashup greeting cards today!

Celebrities are just like you and me. Except they're better-looking (in most cases), have more money, nicer clothes and get to deliver celebrity ecards (particularly funny celebrity ecards) to your friends and family. Now you can send unique personalized editions of your favorite tunes delivered by famous celebrities like Donny Osmond, William Shatner, Michael Bolton, and Smokey Robinson! Enjoy!